Song about winter and spring


Let's join our heroine, a goddess in training, on her adventurous journey. You must think about your choices in order to protect residents of the woods from long winter and even themselves. Learn about nature laws and with their help find way to restore balance and peace.

Song About Winter And Spring is a look at slavic traditions from perspective of japanese culture - shinto. With the story and visual aspects of the game we tryed to search for common elements of these seemingly unrelated cultures with goal of finding shared roots of mankind.


Genre: visual novel

Platform: PC

Language: czech, english

Time of gameplay: 60 mins

Number of words: 12 021

Release date: 22.8.2016

Current version: 1.01


Screenplay: Ondřej Sýkora, Emil Gašparec

Programming: Emil Gašparec

Graphics: Jarník

Music: Lucie Melounová

Proofreading: Veronika Bobková, Lucie Melounová

English localization: Jan Fryštenský, Miroslav Kubík, Martin Kubík




screenshot001 screenshot002 screenshot003 screenshot004