Hundreds of years ago, the last demon lord created a tower, using ancient magic. Since then, the mankind has been trying to conquer it, but to no avail. As time went by, the tower gained a name - The Epocha Tower - and a reputation. Because of it, adventurers arrived from far and wide and eventually, a city has been built around the tower to accomodate their needs.
You play as a young man with the same dream as so many before him. To be the first, who will stand at the very top of The Epocha Tower, and whose name will become part of the legends.
But there is a catch. The tower is slowly closing its rooms and there are only few years left before this dream turns from insane to impossible. Spend this time exploring The Epocha Tower or living the daily life in the city of adventurers. So that no matter how this story ends, you could say that you have lived worthy life full of adventure.


Genre: top-down adventure RPG
Platform: PC
Language: English
Release date: ???


Writing and game design: Emil Gašparec
Programming: Emil Gašparec
Graphics: ???
Music: Ben McCulloch