The infection has spread too fast. Most cities have already fallen. You and your daughter, Jolie, have escaped into mountains, where you’ve found an abandoned cabin. But it didn't go entirely smoothly. You have been wounded and your death is inevitable.
But you can’t allow yourself to die, not yet anyway. Your daughter is still alive and you have to make sure that it’s going to stay that way even after you are gone.

Game created for the #GMTKjam 2018 with a theme “GENRE WITHOUT MECHANIC”
Our take on this theme was “Survival game without your own survival”. Instead of fighting for your own life, you are focusing on saving someone else’s.


Genre: Survival
Platform: PC
Language: English
Release date: 2.9.2018


There are three interactive objects on the screen, each providing different actions.
Door - which the mother can go out through and search for useful items.

Mother - can upgrade the cabin (if required items have been found)
Daughter - can be taught different skills or knowledge, that are essential for her survival.
By combining these actions you can prepare your daughter for surviving on her own, when you are dead.


Moti - art, content design, game design
Jarník - programming, game design, character design



When I'm Gone - screenshot000 When I'm Gone - screenshot001 When I'm Gone - screenshot002