The date is 12-12-12 and everyone is talking only about one topic - the end of the world. To tell you the truth I couldn't care less. My world has ended few weeks ago, when I got kicked out of the university.
I’m not mad or sad about it. After all, it was my own fault. But suddenly everything I've been doing so far, my daily routine, meeting my friends, my (non)learning... all that is a distant past now. To make things worse, my current job hunting period fills me with nothing but uncertainty. I wasn't able to find a single interview today that I could go to, and so I have another empty, lazy and boring day ahead of me.

Yeah, right! At exactly 12:12 a strange fellow rang my doorbell, introducing himself as the creator of this world. He invaded my apartment and turned me into his lackey to help him set up a small party celebrating the world's end.


Genre: visual novel
Platform: PC
Language: Czech
Release date: 2018


Time of gameplay: 45min
Number of words: ???
Number of choices: ???
Number of ends: 3


Emil “Moti” Gašparec: Art, Writing, Programming


5x12 - screenshot000