Passengers is an experimental adventure game with the intention to explore sociological themes by experimenting with the laws of semiotics. As a gamer you follow mysterious train full of quirky passengers dealing with their issues. Your task is, with assistance of the driver, solve their problems and free their souls. Point and click on people's problems, feel the dozens of small adventures, search meanings between pixels. The goal is to reach the end of ride but gamers themselves must find the purpose of the journey. This is not an ordinary night train. Passengers are a metaphysical ride, a surreal trip where future, past, reality and fiction are the same. The game consists of 5 levels, each having a specific theme and corresponding visuals. Throughout the game you can meet up to 120 characters, the order of passengers is randomized, so each train ride is unique.

The first prototype, from idea to the playable form of it, was created by Jarnik. Please wait is helping Jarnik with fictional world, screenwriting and gamedesign. The first prototype is still playable here:


Genre: Puzzle/Adventure
Platform: PC, tablets
Lenguage: english
Release date: ???


Number of players: 1
Time of gameplay: 30 minut


In the game, the player has to capture (with cursor) words spoken by passengers on the mysterious train, understand their meanings within sentences, remember them, critically evaluate and thematically associate each sentence with the stimuli of the train driver. During the ride, passengers speak one after another, one sentence at a time. After catching all the words a sentence is shown at the top of the screen. After a while, the driver stops the train and expresses a certain fear or question, asking for help. Player then has to choose the passenger, who is most suitable to provide verbal comfort or advice. There is always exactly one correct solution. It is up to the player to pay attention to previous conversations and memorize the theme of each passenger’s talk.


Programing: Jaroslav Meloun
Game design: Jaroslav Meloun, Ondřej Sýkora, Emil Gašparec
Screenplay: Ondřej Sýkora, Emil Gašparec
Character design: Jaroslav Meloun
Graphics of train and backgrounds: Jana Kilianová
Music: Elliot Miller