Dear diary,

can we call you a diary? We know you can’t answer us, so we will take your silence as a yes. Now, maybe you wonder why are we writing into you. The answer is unexpectedly simple - since we have you, we wanted to try it out. :P
Today's post will be mostly about nothing, but in the future we'd like to share with you many different things. Some of them collective work, some individually. Regular or irregular. Well … irregularity should probably be expected.
We are going to write about what we succeeded in. Also, we will occasionally entrust you with old memories that we found important for some reason at the moment. Sometimes we will briefly list a picture with description, sometimes you will get a vast text, the result of our musings and research.
To put it simply, we are going to fill you with absolutely anything and everything we will think of, and you will have to take it all, because you are our diary and that leaves you with no other choice. We are sure you can't wait for it to happen, right? We thought so, since we see your knees are shaking. :)

Moti a Syky