Detective Zbyšek Claus is a brave dolphin who protects cute city of Regenbogen from crime. You are the best student of the detective school and Zbyšek himself will teach you how to be a good detective. On the day of your admission a young unicorn is murdered. Show your best in the investigation of this difficult case. Team of great forensics detectives is going to help you. But be careful. Evil is hidden in unexpected places.


Genre:: visual novel

Platform: PC

Language: czech

Release date: 19.1.2012

Warning: non-explicit violance, racism

Time of gameplay: 90 minutes

Number of words: 34 513

Number of choices: 105

Number of ends: 12


Graphics: Ondřej "Syky" Sýkora

Concept art - Neko Logické: Lucie “Ruchie” Duháčková

Concept art - Akakuro: Mashiro

Script: Ondřej "Syky" Sýkora, Emil “Moti” Gašparec

Programming: Emil “Moti” Gašparec

Music: FLOW MC

Betatest: Lucie “Ruchie” Duháčková, Jozef “Dagi” Duháček, Petr “Guzmicz” Hamza

Proofreading: Lucie “Ruchie” Duháčková, Veronika Bobková

Download (Czech only!)


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