The story of detective Zbyšek and his team continues. In this episode Zbyšek and his assistant will be solving a difficult case full of political motives. The citizens of city of Regenbogen are on their traditional trip to Orion's belt, where votes will be cast for new king and queen. This time the mood is full of tension, because known activist Alfaba wants to take the ruling post for herself at any cost. In game of intrigues and hidden secrets that ensues, Gabrielle's past will be revealed with many others. In corridors of space express you will witness great panic and fear from the worst situation ever - LOSS OF LUGGAGE!


Genre: visual novela

Platform: PC

Language: czech

Release date: 31.10.2015

Time of gameplay: 2 - 4h

Number of words: 75 899

Number of choices: 184

Number of ends: 21


Graphics: Ondřej “Syky” Sýkora, Emil “Moti” Gašparec

Background: Lucie "Ruchie" Duháčková

Script: Ondřej “Syky” Sýkora, Emil “Moti” Gašparec

Programming: Emil “Moti” Gašparec

Music: Elliot Miller, Kamil Tomek


Proofreading: Veronika Bobková, Gurkh, Lusi, Jarník, Barbora Bobková, Jan Fryštenský, Lucie Jenšovská

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