True Ending


Takeshi is an average highschooler with average high school problems. Even though he is such an example of averageness, he wasn’t able to form a connection with his classmates. All that is destined to change when he steps on school's rooftop for the first time...

THAT’S NOT IMPORTANT AT ALL! Demon Kurotetsu trapped us here and I don’t know how to get us back! HEY, SOMEONE, ANYONE, SAVE US! This is not a joke!

... Kurotetsu is a great guy!


Genre: visual novel

Platform: PC

Language: czech only

Time of gameplay: ???

Number of words: 40 855

Release date: 7.3.2015

Current version: 1.06


Screenplay: Ondřej Sýkora, Emil Gašparec

Programming: Emil Gašparec

Graphics: Jana Kilianová

Music: Craig Austin, Craig Riley

Proofreading: Veronika Bobková

Download (Czech only!)


screenshot001 screenshot001 screenshot001