One kitchen, no windows, no doors. There is no escape route for the busy cook. Instead of it she gets terror in the form of rat holes in the walls and floor.

   A rat is hiding beneath the floor. Its life consists of hunger and darkness. Its mind doesn't contain anything but list of items needed to survive.

   Playing as the rat, you are trying to steal all items from the list without being noticed. Accomplishing this clear objective will allow you to peek beneath the surface of this unclear situation.

   The game is result of three days of hard work for Ludum dare 29, with "Beneath the surface" theme.


Genre: Stealth

Platform: PC

Language: english

Release date: 29.04.2014


Programming: Pavel Fadrhonc, Richard Šebedovský

Game design: Emil Gašparec

Graphics: Jana Kilianová


W, A, S, D : Rats movements

Space : Pass through a hole

E : Pick up an item

Play the game (it requires UNITY!)


screenshot001 screenshot002 screenshot003