Main character is visiting professor who is a known expert in field of slavic mythology. He needs to borrow a rare book and professor's copy is the last known piece left in the world. But after arriving he gets some bad news. Professor has left his mansion. On top of that the main character found pages from that rare book all over the place. He can't leave like this. With his charisma and eloquence he persuades the landlady to enter the mansion and begins to investigate this suspicious situation.


Genre: Adventure

Platform: PC

Language: english

Release date: 24.12.2012

Time of gameplay: 60 minutes

Warning: contains nudity and fantasy violence


Programing: Jaroslav Meloun

Screenwriting: Ondřej Sýkora, Emil Gašparec

Background, GUI and music: Petr Augustin

Character design and illustrations: Jana Kilianová

How to play

Arrows ← → : Walking and inventory navigation

I : Opens inventory

Space : interaction with enviroment / confirmation in inventory

Esc : Return to main menu

Play the game (FLASH needed.)


screenshot001 screenshot002 screenshot003 screenshot004