Tom, new owner of a club, is hosting a punk-rock concert and wants for everyone to fully enjoy it. He accepts nothing but absolute success and he has no intention to rely on luck. During the concert he comes down into the crowd and with his managing skills from previous job he coordinates mexican waves and moves with anyone who surfs on them.

   Created at Global Game Jam 2017 with theme Waves.


Genre: Casual

Platform: PC

Language: english

Release date: 22.01.2017


Programming: Jaroslav Meloun

Game design: Emil Gašparec, Jaroslav Meloun

Graphics: Emil Gašparec


W, A, S, D : Rats movements

Holding ↑ : Hands up

Releas ↑ : Hands down

Hands up

If Tom stands right under the crowd surfer, he will throw him in the air. With hands up you can still walk around the club.

Hands down

Only after you put hands down, Mexican wave will starts toward both sides.

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