Boží skript


The universe, an infinite space full of infinite possibilities and secrets. Every night, while looking at stars, mankind has many questions. Just like: Are we alone in the universe? Does life have a meaning? Why in the world is there another myself dressed as Dracula in my closet? Why am I dreaming about pink room with pink office lady? Why is this office lady trying to force feed me answers to all these questions above? And most importantly, what should I do about all this now?!?


Genre: visual novel

Platform: PC

Language: czech, english

Release date: ???

Time of gameplay: ???

Number of words: ???

Number of choices: ???

Number of ends: ???


Graphics, script, programing, music: Emil “Moti” Gašparec

Proofreading: Gurkh, Veronika Bobková

English localization: Jan Fryštenský


screenshot001 screenshot002 screenshot003 screenshot004