What is Please wait?

Please Wait is an independent team of game developers since 2011. It was founded by duo of writers and game designers - Emil Gašparec (Moti) and Ondřej Sýkora (Syky) - who represented its core until the end of 2016.

We see games as perfect way of storytelling and that’s why story is the main aspect and center of our creative process. Genre, game mechanics, visuals, length of gameplay, platform or method of distribution. All of it is chosen and executed with story in mind. With a story we want to tell. Idea we want to express. Emotions we want to convey.

Second main characteristic of our work is satisfaction. We believe at the end of the day everyone should be happy. Not just gamers, developers too. From our experience we think the most common reason for any dissatisfaction with game is rooted in rushed development. So if we ever reach the point of releasing a game in state we are not satisfied with, we'd rather postpone its release then publish something we cannot take pride in.