Summary of 2017 efforts


Most of the year 2017 I have spent by searching for the new project for “Please Wait”. While doing so my head was constantly shifting between different standing points like: “What am I most experienced with?”, “What am I able to learn?” or “What kind of game I want to make the most?”

As my first project, right from the start of the year, I’ve decided to make a gamebook. With such richful experience that I already have with visual novels and my passion for storytelling, it seemed like the best choice. Also, projects like “80 Days” or “Sunless Sea” showed us that with the right amount of interactivity even reading could become appealing to wider audience.

But in the process of planning, complications and uncertainties started to rise to the surface. There were so much of them that they made me start swiftly looking for something else. The only thing that remained o this project is a pile of papers covered with my notes. I’m quite fond of some of these ideas so I hope that one day I will find the good use for them.

Still, before the rise of the outsides temperature, I’ve got excited about the new project. I will make full-fledged Christmas game. A game that will celebrate Christmas spirit by every mechanic in it. I knew that this kind of project is beyond my current skills. That’s why I’ve started to learn daily not just programming in Game Maker Studio but also drawing in Affinity Designer.

Pre-production of this project was more than promising. In only a month of development, I’ve started to recognize in my chaotic code something that could be called a game.

But then summer came, and despite all my effort I just couldn’t bring myself to work on Christmas game. My chances of releasing the game at December 2017 were definitely gone and with it also my ambitions to continue with it.

Time has come for another point of view. The first project was supposed to mostly benefit from my current experience, meanwhile, the second one was standing on my potential to learn new things. Because neither of those worked out I’ve decided for the radical approach. What kind of project would I like to work on, regardless of how difficult the realization will be?

And so I started to work on the game with a working title “The Tower”. The game, which is from the start planned as a Kickstarter project. The success of the campaign will decide not just about the continuation of development but also the form, size and the qualities of the final game.

More information about the project can be found right now on the TIGForum or my personal TWITTER account.

   Emil Gašparec

March - what a hectic month


The title says it all I guess. March was one hell of a ride, overflowing with events.

On 15th of March we were invited to radio podcast named Quest, to talk about Passengers. You can listen to the record (in Czech) on Czech Radio websides (link below).

Quest podcast

On 17th of March Passengers became greenlit! We wrote about that already, but since it’s the biggest succes for Please Wait up to date, we believe it warrants a second mention.

Simultaneously with all of this we were also working during the same month on visual novel for this year’s NaNoRenO jam. It’s called 5x12 and it’s almost done, so you can expect more news soon.

On 30th of March we got another chance to talk about Passengers. This time in redaction of internet magazine during recording of Tea Club, an irregular show with game developers.




   These news will be short because no amount of words, no amount of explanations, will help us express our gladness and gratitude. Passengers got through Steam Greenlight! It’s a big and important step on it’s way to release. But it also means something more.

   Being a game developer can mean many things. The most strict and the most difficult to reach definition is this: Game developer is someone who is financially rewarded for his or her work on game development. Now, Please Wait is getting closer to this final stage of its prenatal development.



   It’s here! Our game Passengers is almost done, and therefore the time has come for the next step - the journey to Steam. We spent the entirety of February by creating trailers, new screenshots, demo, writing promo texts and most of all, a lot of communication. We did all that for this day, when we can proudly present you our first, and probably also last, Greenlight campaign.

   If its your first time you hear about Passengers, you can learn more from campaign itself, official website of the game, or from project card here on Please Wait website. But if you feel ready to go right to the source, the button below is for you.



   Updating website is relatively time consuming, so we use it mostly for game announcements or progress summaries. However if you want to follow Please wait more frequently but in smaller doses, we offer an alternative for you and that’s Twitter.


   We would also like to mention here that we are currently spending every day and night with preparations for Steam Greenlight campaign of game Passengers. Steam announcement about shutting down this service was probably the biggest motivation we could ever get, so expect its start during first weeks of March.

Crowd Control (Global Game Jam 2017)


Game Jam 2017 Game Jam 2017 Game Jam 2017 Game Jam 2017

As is our tradition, we joined forces with Jarnik and participated in Global Game Jam 2017. We observed unbelievably high and glamorous ceiling on toilets, spend hours in virtual reality Vive and during all that we also created a game based on this years theme, which was “waves”.

Tom, new owner of a club, is hosting a punk-rock concert and wants for everyone to fully enjoy it. He accepts nothing but absolute success and he has no intention to rely on luck. During the concert he comes down into the crowd and with his managing skills from previous job he coordinates mexican waves and moves with anyone who surfs on them.

Big change


   While describing Please Wait we always proceeded like this: It’s a small team of indie game developers with core made by two writers and game designers, Syky and Moti. But recently, Syky decided to leave and interrupt any kind of future cooperation.

   That means for Please Wait a lot of things. For example Asistatnt of Detective Zbyšek series is stopped indefinitely and it also mean reduction of the team from two to one. From us to me. On the other hand, if there is something this change doesn’t mean, than it’s the end. I can’t guarantee, that everything will go in the same direction as if Syky was still be part of the process. What I can guarantee is that Please wait will develop just as I always wish for it from the very beginning and to what leaded every step we ever made.

PF 2107


   Transition between years is time of great dreams and hopes. We form new resolutions, plan long-postponed meetings and we believe in, or at least hope for, achieving what was beyond our reach until now.

   But before we fully start this new year, we have great opportunity to perform one more act. We can completely stop ourselves, for the last time turn around and fully review the passed year. With sufficient distance those 365 days that were divided until now will blend together and the theme will reveal itself.

   This theme can be expressed in many ways. My favorite way is with words. Specifically with one word. It can be for example “balance”, “gift”, “beginning”, “end”, “chaos” or “change”. For me and for Please wait the most fitting word seems to be “preparation”. Preparation for incoming changes and new projects. Preparations to welcome new teammates. And especially preparations for new stories which will be told to anyone willing to listen.

   I wish you all that you will find good words for your last year and good dreams and goals for the next one.

   Emil Gašparec

Changes report


   We had several changes on our website recently. We hope only for the better. First of all I found out that not everyone can wrestle with files in .zip format, and so we turned everything we could into standard installation files. Just as soon you download them, all you need to do is open them, click a few times on familiar and relaxing "next" button, and it's done!

   Second and more noticeable change is first entry in Diary section. It's just a starting text with which we want to rock ourselves into using the section. Through Diary we would like to offer an opportunity to everyone who develops games like we do, to share their experiences, thoughts, discoveries and ideas. Whether this purpose will be fulfilled is yet to be seen. We would still like to congratulate this section in this celebratory moment and wish for lots of interesting content and influx of readers that would appreciate it.

Song About Winter And Spring


   In PF 2016 the new year was dreaming about many things. It dreamed about gamejam, in which we participated, about Animefest Ren'Ai contest which we won, and also about NaNoRenO, which... wait... what happened with NaNoRenO?

   Well, the truth is, we participated in NaNoRenO too. We just didn't finish our game in time. But it isn't really that unfortunate of an event. Instead for NaNoRenO, we just needed to finish the game for you like we would any other project. Which is what we did right now. Allow me to present to you Song About Winter And Spring..

   Czech version is complete and English version is in progress. You can find out some more information in here.

True Ending


   And it’s here! First fruit of our busy year of labour is out! Deadline for Ren’ai contest for Animefest 2016 was few days ago and now we can finally show you our result.

   True Ending is a visual novel about typical high school setting, into which (quite atypically) falls demon Kurotetsu and young man Kisuke, whose wish was wrongly interpreted.

   How wrong can you interpret someone's wish to end up trapped inside of a visual novel? Well, we can tell you, but that’s not important right now. What IS important is HOW TO GET OUT OF THERE!

   Rigth now CZECH ONLY.

We have new e-mail addresses!


   Year 2016 is in full swing and we can proudly say that everything is going according our plans and intentions... well... at least for now. On GameJam 2016 we successfully participated and survived! Unfortunately we can't share with you our outcome, because it's parlour game for around 30 people. If you see us somewhere, feel free to ask and we will describe it to you.

   Right now we are working on visual novel for Ren'ai contest for Animefest 2016. We still don't have enough done to show you right now, but we promise that someday we will.

   It may seem that we are writing this post with empty hands but that's not true at all! BECAUSE WE HAVE NEW MAIL ADDRESSES! Official working mails. Pleasewait mails!

   If you have something or even nothing to tell us, you can use our brand new, technologically advanced, and most importantly elegant and sexy mail

 If you for some reason feel any need to contact only one of us, you can use our personal mails: for Moti and for Syky.

Themes and suggestions you can write to us about:

• Second episode of Assistant of Detective Zbyšek is really awesome! I have finished it on all 22 endings. When we can expect the next one?

• Second episode of Assistant of Detective Zbyšek is really awesome! I have finished it on 21 endings. Which one am I missing?

• I totally love you guys! Here I have drawn a picture of us going on trip during which we ran over princes of fantasy.

• I have a lot of money and don't know what to do with them. Do you want them?

• I don't have a lot of money but I still want to give you some.

• I have no money at all, so I would like to send you this collection of caps from pet bottles and one box of bananas. Will you give me your address?

Please Fait 2016


   One year met another and when they found out they have nothing to tell to each other, they both went their own ways. Year 2015 had a lot to tell, but it was mostly topics that belong to the past now. It wanted to tell about release of second part of Assistant of detective Zbyshek or crazy visual novel Princes of Fantasy. When it started to tell about digital version of gamebook Take a shit!!!, it didn't fail to mention the fact it was originally created at Game Jam. At this moment year 2016 got wary, since that was a topic it wanted to talk about as well. However after a while it realised it is about Game Jam 2015 and that topic was no fun at all. Because 2016 wanted to talk about Game Jam 2016. It wanted to announce that team Please Wait will certainly take a part. And it's in January already! And if it started to talk, it would not forget to mention, that Animefest recently announced renai competition in visual novel creation. And Please Wait can't miss out on that. From there it would be but a small step to discussion about taking part in another installment of NaNoReNo. Both years have rich supply of topics, but 2015 is not finished talking yet, so let us not interrupt it. Soon though 2016 will get to say some words, that will hopefully be turned into actions.

   Cheer for us and don't forget... please wait!

Small update


Assistant of Detective Zbyšek 2: Murder on the Orion Express is finally done. The visual novel is released in Czech language for Windows and 1.03 version should lack all the bugs we have found up to this moment.

We have also created a record about this game on And while we were at it, we have added even our other games, Princes of Fantasy and Take a shit!!!. If you have played any of these you can go there and rate them. Links can be found on sites of individual projects.

You can finally take a shit!!!


   That's right. Digital version of our toilet gamebook Take a shit!!! is finally finished. Although it's such a small project it has greater meaning for us because picture of physical version appeared in czech printed magazine about videogames (Level 255).

   If you like it you can also rate it on

   The next project we are going to finish is Assistant of detective Zbyšek 2.



   The flow of news has trickled to such a halt lately, that pronouncing it dried out and us deceased would probably surprise no one. However, the truth is quite the opposite! Well, partially! We are not deceased! On the contrary, we are very much alive! In that kind of chaotic way.

   Works on second part of Detective Zbyšek still refuse to be finished. If you ask what is taking so long, believe us, we are asking the same question to ourselves. In place of Zbyšek however we can proudly present loads of different news and announcements.

   At the beginning of 2015 we took part in Game Jam Prague.It was a great weekend which resulted in game Wipe out!!! It’s a gamebook written on a roll of toilet paper about game developer at Game Jam, who is in a pinch as he is on a toilet and no toilet paper is in vicinity. Due to nature of its material there can be only one such gamebook and so we are preparing its digital version.

   During March 2015 we took part in Crude Graphics Jam, where we followed the topic and created the most horrifying thing in the world. Princes of Fantasy. Visual novel that is thoroughly despicable, inside and outside. I hope you will like it, we invested ourselves into it a lot.

   Furthermore, we updated Losing it. Our website now offers version that is more playable and richer in product values then previous one. Unfortunately it is still in Unity player, so Chome users will need to be patient a bit more.



Welcome strangers from foreign countries! Because some of our latest projects will be only in english (Passengers, To Kill a Mockingbird) or will get english localization (demo of God's script) we decided to make it comfortable for you and also translate this web. Not all games are in english so to help you orientate we put to each project small CZ or EN.


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